Hello dear visitors! It's nice to meet you! I guess i'm kinda confused on what to share in my very first blog post, LOL. After three weeks, CHEVAL has been operating really well. Do you know that this website almost get 2000 hits within 10 days? AMAZING! I thank you guys so much for all of your tremendous support!

And some spoiler, tee hee. Our next line will be called "La Couleur Neutre" which practically means the neutral colour. It will consist of four different kind of coats geared toward the ladies and 2 kind of shirt with 4 variant of colours each. The shirts are available in various sizes. The first kind is kangaroo shirt, which is avalaible in size M and more suitable for the male. And shawl neck shirt is available is size S and M. Both designs are unisex, but the size determine the sex of the user.

The colours are varied from cream, cadet, dark brown, navy blue, gray,and a lot more. Also expect colour-block for the coat and very vreezy and flowy material for the shirts! The coat will be released on early september and the shirts on the middle of the month.

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30/5/2012 12:03:56 pm

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    @Izzaura18 Have received the khakis trench from @CHEVAL_id ..! Congrats! So cool & très chic!! The color that can match w/ anything + comfy material! Plus, trench coat will never dies; it is a timeless fashion stuff... So, can wear it 10 yrs from now and still look chic